About Kaas Wilson Architects

Our role is more than drawings plans and elevations; it is to take a client’s ideas and, from them, crafting a well-designed architectural solution.

Kaas Wilson Architects is a unique Architectural design firm that uses a team approach to better understand specialized environments for work, home and health. The team is exceptional in its ability to create positive solutions to complex buildings and interiors. KWA thrives in early and constant collaboration with Clients and General Contractors, creating a team approach that generates unmatched successes in the end. This process has produced award winning projects in Senior Living, Market Rate Rental, Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation, and Rehabilitation.


Site/Master Planning
Fiscal Feasibility Studies
Project Programming
Interior Architecture
Interior Design
Property Acquisition Reports & Improvement Plans
Construction Documentation
Construction Administration
Construction Consulting
Inspecting Architectural Services
Sustainable Design/LEED Consulting
Web & Graphic Design


Architecture is a collaborative profession so our casual studio-like office environment is designed to facilitate better teamwork and a stronger focus on the projects.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced architects, project managers, interior designers, and interns who develop the projects starting from a sketch with an idea and following it through construction.




Chief Morale Officers

Office Dogs

Chief Morale Officers






Link is co-founder of Kaas Wilson Architects and an architect with over 30 years of experience. He is responsible for setting the vision, look, and strategy of each new project as they come into our office.

Link has worked on projects in more than 20 states. Though he has experience in a variety of project types, from renovations to commercial establishments to multi-tenant housing, his specialty is senior living. He is frequently sought out by both non-profit and for‑profit developers for his architectural expertise in this field, as well as invited to present on senior housing at regional conferences.

Link brings a creative skill set that he infuses into every project. From his site design concepts his mentorship style; in Link’s mind it’s all gratifying. His mind brims with ideas and designs for every development site that comes across his desk. He has a knack for finding the balance between what can readily fit on a site and what ideally can fit, while maximizing total site usage.

On the rare occasion he’s not working, Link is scheming ways to diversify our company, writing a book on senior housing, and spending time with his understanding wife.




Partner, COO

Ideas man, designer, and co-founder of Kaas Wilson Architects, Collin operates this company with an entrepreneurial startup mentality. Between supervising design, client relations, HR, IT, accounting, marketing, and captaining office morale, Collin wears many hats around the office.

Collin has found the perfect balance between astute business administration and a laissez-faire management style. He believes in giving people the freedom and latitude to experiment and be creative, but at the same time challenging them to make something greater. His motto: no design regrets.

Collin’s greatest accomplishment is everyone at KWA’s accomplishment: starting this company and making it successful. His hope for the future is to make Kaas Wilson the preeminent multifamily and senior housing firm of the Midwest. Lofty goals? We don’t think so.

When he’s not overseeing day-to-day operations or challenging composition and construction, you can find Collin delighting in time spent with his family, doing projects around the house, sampling craft beers, or watching the Packers win.


Petro N. Megits, AIA, CID, NCARB

Senior Project Manager

Creative powerhouse, Revit guru, and senior project manager at KWA, Petro has been with KWA since the beginning, having branched out from his early intern days to the senior project manager he is today.

Petro is extolled for his dedication to complete a project, working from schematic design through construction on every project. His candor makes him an effective mentor and teacher in the office.

His main hobby is traveling. His goal is to visit every part of the world, and when that’s done, to travel to space.




Senior Project Manager

Architecture and historic adaptive reuse is a complicated area, but Ryan’s knack for finding balance between historic form and modern function helps us ensure our designs start off on the right foot. Beyond that, his comprehension of building code makes us blush.

As a senior project manager, Ryan is applauded on his persistence on timeless design and durable construction quality, taking cues from his extensive travels throughout Western Europe.

On the rare occasion that he’s not working, Ryan can be found skiing, biking, traveling, or imbibing a new brand of single malt.



Jim Schloemer, LEED AP

Project Manager

As a project manager, Jim brings an environmentally conscious skill set which he infuses into every project. From schematic design to construction administration, you can find this bearded, pun-averse, craft-beer drinking chap infusing sustainability into his favorite project types: supportive and affordable housing.

Jim is also our arbiter of fun; planning our annual open house and office parties, master of our kegerator, and co-commissioner of the office fantasy football league.

Outside of work, he is a musician and organizes charity events and an adult kickball league.



Angela Kaas


Angela is our behind the scenes doer of all things good. Not only is she superintendent of payroll, accounting, and taxes, she is Human Resources and our property manager.  She helps plan office events and annual open house. The other six days a week, she has another career as a speech-language pathologist and is a mom of three. We speculate she’s actually Superwoman.



Enrico Williams

Project Manager

Rico is, simply put, a site design mastermind and is part of the architectural design backbone of the company. Having spent most of his career working with Link and Collin, Rico is a skilled project manager and knows time management is critical to any project—he even goes so far as to take his coffee black as there’s no time to waste on the frivolities of cream and sugar.

After hours, Rico loves having in-depth nerdy discussions with his son, pretending to know about sports, and plotting a family vacation abroad.



Kim Behrens

Project Manager

Kim believes three things: one, good design balances function, aesthetics, and cost; two, the foundation for teamwork begins at the role of project manager; and three, Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie.

As one of our most experienced project managers, Kim knows how to get things done well and on time, having worked on everything from financial institutions, to market rate and senior housing, to childcare. Indispensable for her design abilities, she’s praised for her adaptability on new project types.

When she’s not working, she’s at barre class, stand up paddling, or spending time with her family.


Mindy Michael, AIA, lEED AP

Senior Project Manager

Mindy is, to keep this brief, our senior housing guru. As one of our senior project managers, she oversees most all of our senior living projects. Her extensive experience in senior living design, coupled with the overall success of projects under her supervision, delivers a deep understanding of how thoughtful design can significantly impact the quality of life for residents.

While Mindy eats, sleeps, and breathes all things senior when it comes to architecture, she also mentors our interns and is an important resource for the entire staff. She joke she needs a “Now Serving” sign above her desk, but that might not be a bad idea…

At home, Mindy adores the new addition to their family, her two dogs, and taking in some music at one of her husband’s gigs.



Toni Rescigno

Architectural Intern, Marketing COORDINATOR

Toni wants to live in a world filled with innovative design, where teamwork is second-nature, and every keyboard has coffee-proof force field.

As a project designer and marketing coordinator, she’s been applauded on her creativity, knowledge of Revit, efficiency, and all around helpfulness. Toni also assists with IT, HR, branding and social media, office management, and anything else she can lend a hand on.

When she’s not working, you can find her creating something delicious in the kitchen or answering “why” for the twenty-millionth time.



Peter Costanzo

Associate Project Designer

Pete is one of our associate project designers and visualization specialists. His expertise is in designing multi-family housing, senior living facilities, and commercial construction projects.  He also has a keen eye for generating schematic designs and making them come to life through artistic graphics and renderings.

Pete’s next big adventure? Likely traveling to some distant, unexplored corner of the world with his wife.




Griffin Jameson AIA

Associate Project Manager

As one of our project managers, its Griffin’s job to keep a project running smoothly from schematic design through construction. He can design, manage, and coordinate the inception to the construction of a new building while ensuring project goals read though the entire gamut of the design.

On the weekends, you might catch him playing a little Zeppelin on his guitar.



Nick Conniff, CDT

Associate Project Manager

As one of our associate project managers, Nick works extensively on construction documents and project coordination with civil, structural, mechanical and electrical consultants to meet the requirements of building code and the client. He’s armed to the teeth with both the technical skills and educational background that allows him to continuously improve the quality of construction documents, and thus project success, as he problem solves issues in the field while facilitating construction administration.

Outside of work, Nick is on a mission to find new and delectable cuisines from restaurants around the Twin Cities.



Ben Delwiche, AIA

Project Manager

Ben is one of the first to get his hands on a project. As a project manager, his focus is on preliminary design proposals and construction documents. He successfully balances functionality, efficiency, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness—his four most important aspects of good design.

If you ask him what he’s most proud of, he might tell you that winning the 2006 Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic is up there. But, really, his #1 success is his French bulldog Howie.



Christian Borgan

Architectural Intern

Christian is one of our architectural interns, specializing in renderings and graphics. We call Christian a graphics wonder kid, though he humbly refers to himself as a “graphic design hobbyist.”

When Christian isn’t working on a graphic for a client, he can be found road tripping, walking his dog, or redesigning a movie poster.




Greg Thompsen, AIA, NCARB

Project Architect

Greg has always been inspired by the many idealists he encountered studying in Denmark. In practice, he strives for the ideal though creative use of the practical.

As one of our project architects with wide-range experience developing both commercial and residential, he’s somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades in architecture as well.

Greg is also a voracious explorer of specialty foods, books, and travel. One of the most places he been is the breathtaking view atop Preikestolen near Stavanger, Norway, where one day he hopes to take his sons.



Sarah Stanke, NCIDQ, LEED Green ASSOC.

Senior Interior Designer, Director of Interior Design

Creative vanguard, interior designer, and foundation of the KWA Interiors Studio, Sarah knows the success of a project is more than just getting the best value out of a design—it’s about ensuring the client is happy and the end user is satisfied.

Admired for her interior selections and coordination talent, Sarah recognizes that persistence pays off, whether that be training for a marathon or pulling together finishes that embody a client’s vision.

Besides designing her own home in the future, Sarah hopes to venture around Europe for a month or two to experience the design and the food.


Brian J

Brian Johnson

Senior Project Manager, Director of Contract Administration

Brian is on the front lines making sure our clients and contractors are happy, and ensuring that the developments are going according to plan. Contrary to popular belief, reviewing shop drawings and pay applications are some of his favorite things to do.  Brian enjoys creating standard operating procedures and guidelines for Kaas Wilson’s Construction Administration department, as well as Project Entitlement, Inspecting Architecture and Site Inspections, Project Management, and spending time outdoors with his wife and kids.

Brian has one wish: To leave the world a better place for future generations…and for the Vikings to win the Super Bowl which, he admits, is a long shot



Kaitlyn Rodman

Architectural Intern

Kaitlyn wants to live in a world where everyone is punctual, every day is take your cat to work day, and good design is the norm.

As an architectural intern, she’s been commended on her ability to coordinate construction drawings with consultants, quickly modeling in Revit, and her unusual memory for detail.

When she’s not drawing or coordinating construction documents, you can find her on her on her way to yoga or happy hour.




Brian Petereck

Architectural Intern

Whether composing the right photograph or rendering, Brian pauses for a minute to listen and observe the subject. As one of our architectural interns and in-house photographer, Brian’s commitment to balance, texture, color, and lighting ensures every image he generates is as beautiful as it is expressive.

At home, Brian uses his creative talents to build furniture and cabinetry, and plays golf, softball, and volleyball with his wife.




Megan Blanchette

Interior Designer

Megan believes in three things: setting realistic design goals, exceeding client expectations, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

As part of our interior design team, Megan is always looking for ways to make the built environment more usable and aesthetically appealing. She is applauded on her creative problem solving abilities, specifically those related to space planning and budget, as well as her ability to win over clients with her quick wit and bright ideas.

Her favorite things? Coffee, craft brews, and camping. Did we mention coffee?




Alex Faudskar

Architectural Intern

Alex is one of our architectural interns. He is our go-to guy to field verify an existing building and then BIM model it in Revit. There’s nothing this guy can’t model. If you look closely, you can see the pursuit modeling perfectionism dripping off his beard.

When he’s not working, he can be found playing basketball, video gaming, or taking in a new movie.



Payman Salehishafa

Architectural Intern

Payman is one of our architectural interns who is heavily involved in creating graphics and site plan, as well as construction documents. Hard-wired to thirst for knowledge and powered by the creative process, Payman has the eye for artistry and the patience to beautifully complete each project he touches.

At the end of the day, you can find him drawing, woodworking, or working out.



Hayden Rensch

Architectural Intern

Hayden is one of our architectural interns on our team who specializes in contract administration in the field and learning how everything goes together. We’re envious of his resourcefulness with dealing with systems that are unfamiliar to him, and his ability to develop architectural solutions on the fly.

His current hobby? Kitchen experimentation, using the cookbook his mom made him (can we get a collective “awe”?!)


Roye ARIe

Project Manager / Contract Administration

As part of our contract administration and project management team, its Roye’s job to make sure the construction process adheres to the contract agreements for design and execution.

Roye is not afraid of a difficult task, be it strategic problem solving with the architect, client or contractor if something was built not according to the drawings or taking his twin infants halfway across the globe.

Aside from work, Roye loves sports, weight training, and his family, and is looking forward to trying his hand at resin casting.



Terry DiNella

AdministrativE Assistant

As our administrative assistant, it’s Terry’s job to keep things running smoothly. That’s why things run as smoothly as they do around here. She could plan, direct, and organize her way through a maze and come out on the other side smiling with homemade lunch for the whole office that she prepared along the way.

After hours, Terry is a ceramics teacher, fishing aficionado, and supermom with a taste for adventure. The next thing on her bucket list? Skydiving.


Justine CurrIN


As a member of our Interiors Studio, Justine brings a keen perspective on color palette and concept building to every job she works on. She also endeavors to maintain our resource library and meet with product reps to keep the library current and diverse.

Aside from interior design, Justine enjoys practicing yoga, taking long walks around the lakes, and spending every moment delighting in her young daughter’s newest discoveries.


Beth Koeppel

Architectural Intern

Beth is a returning architectural intern, newly armed with her master’s degree. Specializing in graphic work and schematic design, Beth also collaborates with the team in the preparation of construction documents.

Beth has always let her curiosity guide her, and it has already led her to encounter the nightly salutes of a spider monkey troop roaming through her camp near the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala. Did you know spider monkeys have a lion-like roar?


Kory Kerber

Architectural INTERN

Kory is our intern equivalent to a Swiss army knife. With ruthless efficiency and willingness to work, Kory dabbles in many projects in our office to learn about all aspects of the architectural world. Additionally, he gets involved with IT.

His favorite things? Competition and Game of Thrones fan theories.


Caitlin Carter


Caitlin is the newest member and intern to our Interiors Studio. Hard-wired for creativity and powered by the hard work, Caitlin has the eye for design. In addition to maintaining our resource library and meeting with product reps to keep the library current and diverse, Caitlin is in charge of preparing finish boards for clients and preparing construction documents.

Though she’s still in school, she still finds time to paint and to work with us.


Chris Rohr

Construction Administration & Project Manager

As part of our contract administration team, Chris observes projects under construction – reviewing shops, doing field observations, and helps develop scope of work for new renovation projects are three of his favorite things to do at KWA. Chris has a talent for communication and persuasion, and has a knack for facilitating interactions between the client and the contractor.

When he’s not working, you can find Chris volunteering with the VA or taking his motorcycle to one of Minnesota’s more than 75 state parks.


Luke Murphy

Architectural Intern

Luke is one of our architectural interns and a recent grad from the U of M. Armed with creativity and powered by aspiring to great design, Luke is in charge of assisting with construction documents, preparing presentation graphics, and collaborating with the team.

His favorite things? The Packers, snowboarding, and trying to find a new hobby now that he has time for such things.


Steven Williams

Architectural Designer & Construction Administration

Bridging our architectural studio and CA departments, Steve’s role combines reviewing shops and doing field observations with architectural design and assisting the team in the preparation of construction document. Inspired by two historic renovations in his home town, Steve hopes to have a lasting positive affect on the community that extends beyond his lifetime.

His favorite things? The fine arts and playing the bass. Steve once played at one stop on the Vans Warped Tour.


Jared Eichberger

Architectural Intern

Jared is one of our newest interns and part of our architectural studio. Jared’s ability to combine his aptitude to learn with his capacity to listen to understand, allows his to efficiently deliver what the team needs with excellent attention to detail.

In his spare time, Jared is a self-taught piano player and sports enthusiast. His goal is to visit every MLB stadium – he’s been to 20 so far!


Devyn Smoter

Architectural Intern

Devyn is one of our architectural interns and part of our design studio. A current college student, Devyn utilizes her time management and organization skills to complete every assignment landing on her desk, be it for school or for KWA. She is applauded on her persistence in picking up redlines as well as her technological savvy to turn point clouds into digital BIM models.

Her favorite things? Snuggling her hedgehog, watching “Criminal Minds”, and homework.

Culture and Values

Shared Studio

Architecture is a collaborative profession so our casual open studio-like office environment is designed to facilitate better teamwork and a stronger focus on the projects.

WE Value our People

Our strength is in our people—they are our number one asset. We value and invest in each of our employees. Our benefits and perks are designed to let our employees focus on what they love, both inside and outside of work.


Our clients appreciate our drive, our creativity, our
resourcefulness, and our partnership. But most of all, they appreciate our insistence on quality.

collaboration with contractors

We are proactive in creating and maintaining a strong working relationship with general contractors. Not only does this solve problems quickly and avoid delays, it also has yielded referrals of new clients and projects to our company.

Love DOgs. Love 'em.

As a dog-friendly office, you're bound to see at least one pup on any given day.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients.



2017 St. Paul Heritage Preservation Award: Rayette Lofts
St. Paul Heritage Preservation Commission and AIA St. Paul

2017 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards: 700 Central
AIA Minneapolis, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, and Preserve Minnesota

2016 Top Project: 700 Central
Finance & Commerce

2015 Award of Excellence: Grainbelt Apartments and Grainbelt Office Building
Multi-Family Apartments / Condos,
NAIOP Minnesota

2015 Impact Award: Rayette Lofts
Minnesota Preservation Awards, Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

2015 MADACS (5 Categories): Rayette LoftsThe Flats at Cedar GroveThe Cosmopolitan, The Bryant
Minnesota Multi Housing Association

2015 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards: Grainbelt Office Building
AIA Minneapolis, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, and Preserve Minnesota

2014 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Award: City Place Lofts
AIA Minneapolis, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, and Preserve Minnesota

2014 Top Project: Rayette Lofts
Finance & Commerce

2014 Honor Awards for Excellence in Masonry Design & Construction: Oaks Station Place
Minnesota Concrete and Masonry Contractors Association

2013 MADACS for Partial/Project Remodel or Addition and Cosmetic Upgrade: The Fremont
Minnesota Multi Housing Association

2012 Best in Real Estate Award - Senior Housing Development Finalist: TowerLight
St. Paul Business Journal

2011 Best in Real Estate Award - Senior Housing Development Winner: Seasons at Apple Valley
St. Paul Business Journal

2010 Best In Real Estate Award - Senior Housing Development Winner: Seasons at Maplewood
St. Paul Business Journal

2010 Young Entrepreneurs Award: Collin Kaas
St. Paul Business Journal