Fountain Place is a multi-building apartment community centered around its clubhouse. Kaas Wilson worked with the client to re-envision the dated clubhouse to make it truly the centerpiece of their thriving community.

The design team infilled the floors in the two-story racquet ball court and spa tower to create more usable space, then reconfigured the layout of the entire clubhouse. New offices were added, the lobby fireplace was redesigned to bisect the lobby to create two separate spaces. The spa tower is now a kids’ room adjacent to the fitness area with a CCTV to the fitness and yoga studio for parents to keep an eye on their kids while working out. The upper level of the tower is now a business center. The infilled racquet ball court now offers a larger fitness room and provides a larger community room on the upper level. More windows were cut into the space to provide more daylight. The existing outdoor courtyard and pool area were expanded to provide an area for grilling and a fire pit.