About the Project

The Bel Rae is the second project by Coventry Senior Living with Kaas Wilson Architects. The first project, The Shores of Lake Phalen in Maplewood, served as the prototype for the Coventry brand, and was the pilot project for Kaas Wilson for its construction using structural insulated panels (SIPs).

While the foundation and underground garage are poured concrete, the above ground portions are SIPs. SIPs are energy efficient panels consisting of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB). HVAC includes in-floor radiant heat in every unit and all common areas, with the supplemental use of PTACs, if needed.

The Bel Rae is named after the Bel Rae Ballroom, a former, local, iconic dance venue near this site. Though no longer standing, the Bel Rae Ballroom is still fondly remembered by residents at The Bel Rae. Common areas are named after different styles of dance in recognition of the Ballroom.